Its Back! 7-Eleven is Bringing Back A Great Day for the First Time Since Covid!

Billow926 L Rsmwmhjv8 UnsplashPhoto by billow926 on Unsplash

Sure, the CDC relaxed its rules last week… but it’s also the little things that make the pandemic feel like it’s winding down.

Like this . . .

Bring Your Own Cup Day” is returning to 7-Eleven next week for the first time since covid hit.  Now, don’t get confused this is different than Slurpee Day last month, when you could just get a free small Slurpee.

Next Saturday, August 27th, you can show up with ALMOST any container and fill it up with Slurpee for $1.99 …that’s up from the old price of $1.50.

They normally do it twice a year, but the last one in 2020 got canceled for obvious reasons.

They did also do it in Canada this past May.

Technically you’re no longer allowed to use ANY container, like baby pools and fish tanks.  Your cup now can’t be more than 10 inches tall or wide.  But plenty of 7-Eleven employees have let that rule slide in the past.

The only other rules are your cup has to be clean, leak-proof, and you have to be a 7-Eleven rewards member to do it.

SOURCE: PR Newswire