Kids Send The Darndest Things

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Four-year old Dayanara Sosa-Torres (R) dances with three-year old playmate Geneva Shry at the Frederick, Maryland Head Start facility March 13, 2012. When officials in Frederick County, Maryland voted last year to stop paying for the local Head Start preschool program, they pointed to a nearly $12 million projected budget shortfall as proof that the mostly rural county could no longer afford it. Picture taken March 13, 2012. To match story USA-EDUCATION/HEADSTART REUTERS/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES - Tags: EDUCATION POLITICS)

When it comes to kids you never know what they are into. One mom learned that it is always good to check your child’s work before sending them to school. Ruby is a preschooler in Nebraska and wanted to give a card to her teacher, however the card (pictured below) had a rather adult themed message to it. The school contacted Ruby’s mother and as you can imagine she was shocked and embarrassed to learn what her daughter gave her teacher. To be fair Ruby did ask for permission to get a card from her mother’s desk, but as most four year old’s, their reading skills aren’t that great. Aside from the embarrassment everyone got a good laugh and little Ruby did not end up in timeout.



"A best friend you can have sex with," the card said on the outside. "How great is that?"