Life Changing Pets

A New Owner Olga Veretilnyk Pets A Dog, Bavaria, That The Ukrainian Military Found In A House Damaged By Shelling On The Front Line Near Kyiv
A new owner Olga Veretilnyk pets a dog, Bavaria, that the Ukrainian military found in a house damaged by shelling on the front line near Kyiv, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, in Kyiv, Ukraine March 29, 2022. Picture taken March 29, 2022. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

We all love our pets right? Our fur babies mean so much to us that according to one study 71% of people said that they would or have made significant lifestyle changes to accommodate their pet. Some of the changes included getting a bigger home or getting more active to take their animal out for a walk. Below are some other life changes people have made or are willing to make for their pet.

1. Changing your work schedule, so they’re not home alone all day? 39% would do it.

2. Starting or ENDING a relationship, 35%.

3. Buying a new car with more room, 32%.

4. Choosing whether or not to have KIDS, 32%. That probably includes waiting to have kids, not just skipping it altogether.

5. Moving to a new area that’s better for pets, also 32%.

6. Changing jobs, 31%. Seven in ten people also said they’d be willing to take a pay cut if they could bring their pet to work with them


Courtesy of SWNS