Like A Good Neighbor

Jon Tyson 0rd Ubuds G Unsplash

According to a new poll in SWNS Digital 92 Percent of people say that they are good neighbors because they do one of these 10 things for their fellow residents

1. Accepts packages or deliveries when you’re away.

2. Keeps an eye on your home when you’re on vacation.

3. Warns you before they have a party.

4. Checks in on elderly or otherwise dependent neighbors.

5. Waters plants when you’re away.

6. Offers to split the cost of fencing on the property line.

7. Feeds pets when you’re on vacation.

8. Recommends local plumbers, handymen, or other services to you.

9. Picks up litter out front.

10. Lends you things, like a power washer or a tire pump.

Courtesy of SWNS