McDonald’s Might Start Selling Krispy Kreme Donuts?!

Untitled Design 8Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash/Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

Instead of asking “Would you like fries with that?”, McDonald’s should change it to, “Would you like donuts with that?

Because it might be more accurate soon…

McDonald’s is about to start selling KRISPY KREME donuts at nine locations in Louisville, Kentucky.  They’ll hit the menu next Wednesday,  and if they sell well, they might expand it to more cities soon.

They’re selling three types of donuts that’ll be delivered fresh each day:  glazed, raspberry-filled, and chocolate-iced with sprinkles.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has offered donuts.  They debuted their Glazed Pull Apart Donuts last year, and also brought them back this spring.

They also have cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and their “Cheese Danish” from the ’80s that they just brought back last month for a limited run.