McDonald’s Was Voted the Second-Worst Place for a First Date

Visual Karsa Y8fs7csn Vw UnsplashPhoto by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

McDonald’s was just voted the second-worst place for a first date…  So what’s the one idea that’s even worse?

An online bingo site in the U.K. polled 11,000 people…and going to the MOVIES was voted the worst overall.

That’s surprising since it’s kind of a classic first-date idea, but maybe a little stale in 2023.

Plus, you can’t talk and get to know each other at a movie.

Here are the 10 worst places for a first date, according to the poll …

1.  Going to the movies.  20% said it’s the worst place for a first date.

2.  McDonald’s, 13%.  You can probably lump other fast-food joints in there too.

3.  Staying home, 7%.

4.  Going to a PARENT’S house, 4%.

5.  A restaurant, 4%.  

6.  Going to a bar, also 4%.

7.  Swimming, 3%. 

8.  Watching a sporting event, 3%.  So maybe don’t schedule a first date around the Super Bowl this Sunday.

9.  A funeral, 2%.  How is THAT not higher on the list?

10.  Going to a public park, 2%.