Meghan Markle Broke Down While Talking About Getting Death Threats

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Chattanooga, Tennessee— (Wise Brother)

The final episodes of “Harry & Meghan” dropped yesterday on Netflix . . . and Meghan got emotional when she opened up about the toll the tabloids and social media took on her life.

Apparently, their security team flagged a Tweet that said, quote, “Meghan just needs to die.  Someone needs to kill her.  Maybe it should be me.”

And Meghan said, quote, “That’s, like, what’s actually out in the world because of people creating hate.  I’m a mom.  That’s my real life.  And that’s the piece when you see it and you go, ‘You are making people want to kill me.

“It’s not just a tabloid.  It’s not just some story.  You are making me scared.'”


Image by ChininiProductions from Pixabay