Miley Cyrus Thinks She Was Harshly Judged as a Child

Miley Cyrus
Singer Miley Cyrus makes an appearance at MTV Studio's in Times Square for a taping of MTV's "Total Request Live" show on Friday, July 18, 2008, in New York. The show will air on Wednesday, July 23, 2008. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

 Miley Cyrus thinks she was harshly judged by adults for her various controversies when she was young.

You know, like her near-nude photo for “Vanity Fair” in 2008, when she was still on Hannah Montana”.  Or twerking on Robin Thicke during her performance at the 2013 “MTV Video Music Awards”.

Miley says, quote, “I carried some guilt and shame around myself for years because of how much controversy and upset I really caused . . . Now, as an adult, I realize that I would never harshly judge a child.”

She also teased some lyrics from an unreleased song about it:  “I know I used to be crazy.  I know I used to be fun.  You say I used to be wild.  I say I used to be young.”