Mom Posts To Find Friends For Her Son With Down-Syndrome

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Good News Network)

Christian Bowers was born with down-syndrome. He enjoys things like going bowling and playing video games. He never had a problem making friends at school, but like a lot of people with down-syndrome, it can be hard to maintain a social life after graduating from school.

His mom, Donna Herter, made a Facebook post asking for friends and she was willing to pay $80,000 for that service. She is a night nurse and gets home at 4 AM and sleeps most of the day. She just wanted a friend for her son. One night she made a post after her shift asking for friends for Christian. When she woke up the next day there were thousands of comments with tons of volunteers offering to hang out with Christian!

She was able to find 7 guys in their town of Rochester, Minnesota that come and visit Christian in rotation once a week. Donna says her son now goes to bed every night with a smile.

Donna Herter

(Good News Network)