Morgan Wallen’s Mullet Is Gone…

We have some “hair news” to report today.  Morgan Wallen parted ways with his beloved mullet.  And we’re not talking about a simple haircut.  He shaved his head bald.

He debuted his new look on Friday in Columbus, Ohio.  After performing for a bit he stopped and told the crowd.  Quote, “Before we [go] any further.  I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off.”

There’s are videos making the rounds and even though he’s wearing a ballcap you can see that his head is shaved pretty clean.  Here’s another look.

And yes, his fans are shaken up about it.  Comments include, “Morgan Wallen shaved his mullet and suddenly my world is falling apart.”  Another wrote, “Finding out Morgan cut his hair off just ruined my night.”

Here’s another, “Please don’t talk to me.  I’m grieving the loss of Morgan’s mullet.”  And another, “Why would Morgan shave his mullet.  More importantly, why would he do that to me?”  Finally, “I’m going to need bereavement days.”

SOURCES: ETOnline / Country Now