Netflix Now Lets You Remove Shows And Movies From Your ‘Continue Watching’ Section

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Netflix now lets users remove items from their “Continue Watching” section of their homepage.

This is a long requested feature, and allows users to get rid of a list of half-watched movies and TV shows they sampled but didn’t continue watching.

The feature has already been made available across the Netflix web, mobile, and TV apps, with users simply selecting the offending item in the Continue Watching section, then scrolling down to a new “Remove from Continue Watching” button.

There will also be an option to “undo” the removal. Netflix notes, “Inbox zero might be hard to achieve on email, but why can’t you bring that same enthusiasm to your ‘Continue Watching’ row? We heard you, and that’s why we’re introducing a new way for members to give your ‘Continue Watching’ row a fresh start.

SOURCE: Daily Mail