NFL Star Travis Kelce May Be Seeing Taylor Swift After All

Combs Chapman 2Picture courtesy of Reuters

A few months ago, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce revealed that he was left “butthurt” at a Taylor Swift concert… because he wanted to slip her his number, but she doesn’t see people before her shows.

Well, it sounds like she got the message anyway, because they’ve reportedly been seeing each other for weeks.

A source says, quote, “Taylor and Travis have been quietly hanging out.  She saw him when she was in New York City a few weeks ago.”

And then there’s this:  On a recent episode of his podcast, Travis’ brother Jason asked him what Taylor thinks of his new mustache.

And Travis replied, quote, “Um, yeah we are not going to bring up Taylor Swift in this episode.  But something tells me she is going to like it.

SOURCE: Page Six