Raise the Perfect Toast: What Sparkling Wines to Buy That Won’t Break the Bank!

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Not only is Christmas next week, but New Years Eve is coming quick!

So… Let’s get poppin’!

Now I know nothing about wine or champagne but according to Wine Expert, Jim Cunningham from Merkin Vineyards in Scottsdale, Arizona, a sparkling wine he recommends is called Prosecco. It won’t break the bank at around $15,  and it has a lot of fruit and juicy flavors which is what I prefer. It’s also great for mimosas.

If you’re looking to add some “pop” to your holiday, they say Cava is good choice, which you can find at Target! Cava is generally much cheaper than champagne, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Champagne as you know can get expensive but they say Dom Pérignon Vintage is worth the hype if you’re looking to splurge!

Or… Andre Brut Champagne under $10 works too!

Cheers to the holidays and whatever you’re raising your glass to!

SOURCES: Town and Country & The List TV