Some of The Most Weird and Wonderful Christmas Trees in The US

How about a Christmas tree made from hundreds of beer kegs?


So we’ve all heard about the Rockefeller Center tree in New York, right? Well that’s got nothing on these trees! has rounded a list of the weirdest but oddly wonderful Christmas trees in the US.

My personal favorites include:

Genesee Brewing Company‘s keg tree in Rochester, New York – Made of 500 beer kegs and standing 27 feet high!

Kennebunkport, Maine‘s lobster trap tree – Stacked high with 45 traps. I’ve actually seen this one in person. It’s the most “Maine” thing ever.

Legoland California Resort‘s tree in Carlsbad, California – Built using 245,000 green Duplo blocks.

West Palm Beach, Florida‘s sand tree – Made of over 700 tons of sand piled 35 feet high.

Chandler, Arizona‘s tumbleweed tree – Composed of over 1,000 tumbleweeds covered in 65 pounds of glitter and strung with lights.

Preservation Dental‘s teeth tree in Northville, Michigan – A 16-foot tall tree “rooted” with over 1,000 model teeth.

For pictures of all these weird and wonderful trees, plus five more click here.

SOURCE: Time Out