Some of the Original Power Rangers Are Coming Back for a New Adventure on Netflix

People Dressed Like The Characters Of Power Rangers Pose At The Unveiling Of The Star For Israeli American Producer Haim Saban On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame In Los Angeles

People dressed like the characters of Power Rangers pose at the unveiling of the star for Israeli-American producer Haim Saban on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California U.S., March 22, 2017. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

30 years after they first morphed, some of the original and classic “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” are returning for a brand-new adventure.  It’s called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always”, and it premieres on Netflix on April 19th.

The returnees include Walter Emanuel Jones, the original Black Ranger, and David Yost, the original Blue Ranger, along with other cast members who joined in later seasons.

Also, Charlie Kersh will play Minh, the daughter of original Yellow Ranger Trini.  Trini was played by Thuy Trang, who died in a car accident in 2001.

There’s no word if the show will pay tribute to original Green Ranger Jason David Frank, who took his own life last year.

But Barbara Goodson is coming back as the voice of Rita Repulsa, and Richard Horvitz is returning to voice Alpha 5.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly