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Here's What Happens to Your Health When You Work More Than 40 Hours a Week

Here are some things that can happen if you work more than 40 hours per week: Your risk of having a stroke or heart attack goes up . . . your risk of getting injured on the job goes up . . . and you stop actually being good at your job. Researchers found that at the 50-hour mark job performance starts to plateau . . . and at more than 65 hours a week, performance sharply drops off.

Study: It's Time To Take Fridays Off

A six-month study analyzing the four-day workweek found company revenue increased and workers were happier and healthier when they didn't work Fridays.

The States with the Longest Life Expectancy

A new NiceRx study ranked all 50 states based on life expectancy, and Hawaii, Washington, and Minnesota came out on top, while Mississippi, West Virginia, and Louisiana ranked at the bottom.

42% of People Sleep with Stuffed Animals?

A lot of people have a lot of STUFF in bed with them. 42% of people say they sleep with stuffed animals, at least occasionally. 29% of people have at least three pillows. And 44% of people sleep with their pets.