Simple Simon

Driving To Divorce

It is one thing to forget your phone or wallet at a gas station, but YOUR SPOUCE! That seems intentional

Hot Mic

There are certain things you should not do on the job. This deputy learned a valuable and embarrassing lesson

Sore Looser

This week's Simple Simon lost his freedom because his favorite college team lost

Shots Fired

If you are going to steal from anyone you may want to make sure it isn't the police

Can't Stop A Train

If you have to commit a felony to get out of work, maybe you should just quit

Simple Simon

We have seen a lot of crazy things, but this takes the cake

Class Clown

We all have had that one teacher that just loved to confiscate things from us right? But usually after they take whatever illegal item, they usually give it back...well at least they are suppose to.

Simple Simon

So this week's Simple Simon goes to a clueless hiker.