Tennessee Is In The Top Ten For This……

Pot Holes






We all love driving, but the one thing for sure that we all can say we hate to see on the road is…..POTHOLES!!!! Tennessee is ranked number 8 for worst potholes in the country. According to Quote Wizard, the Volunteer State is one of the worst states to drive in if you are trying to avoid these road hazards. Pretty sure Chattanooga alone was one of the key reasons Tennessee made the lists.


Rank State Search index average
1 Washington 66
2 Indiana 65
3 Michigan 54
4 Nebraska 52
5 Ohio 51
6 Massachusetts 50
7 Illinois 48
8 Tennessee 47
9 Pennsylvania 46
10 New York 46
11 New Jersey 44
Methodology: QuoteWizard analyzed search data for pothole-related complaints and repairs for each state going back to 2004. The search index average is rounded and represents the number of queries in a particular state/location compared to other states.