Tennessee Trooper Helps Deliver Baby on the Interstate

A Tennessee trooper put his EMT skills to good use Tuesday evening.

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Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Aaron Ranker put his past job experience to good use on Tuesday evening and helped a woman in need. The former EMT delivered a baby on Highway 40!

Ranker heard sirens and called in to dispatch to see what was happening. “That’s when they informed me that there was a lady on the side of the road that was in labor”, Ranker said.

The trooper rushed to the woman’s aid and Ranker said by the time he arrived, “You could see the top of the head in the birth canal.”

Thanks to his training, Ranker helped deliver a healthy baby boy in the woman’s driver seat five minutes later.

Ranker told WSMV-TV “I figured at some point my medical background would help on some calls, but as far as delivering a baby on the side of the interstate, never in a million years.”