The 8 Most Underrated Acts of Kindness

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There’s a lot of negativity in the world these days.

So if you’d like to be more positive, a new survey asked people which “thoughtful gestures” were the most underrated …and they’re SUPER simple to do.

The top response was “saying ‘thank you.'”  49% of people said this was an act of kindness that was underrated, because it does a lot more than you think.

The other top responses were:  Smilinggiving someone a compliment congratulating someonecleaning up after someonewatering someone’s plants when they’re away…giving or sending greeting cards, or even e-cards…and “returning a lost item.”

Overall, the survey found that Americans perform about 6 thoughtful gestures a week . . . or 312 per year.  If your life expectancy is 79 years, that’s 24,648 acts of kindness.  And honestly, it’s not difficult to do more.