The Listeners Court – Drake & Chris Brown vs. Mr. Cooper

Drake & Chris Brown Sued For Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over "No Guidance"

One of the most power-packed smashes of the last few years was Chris Brown and Drake‘s banger “No Guidance“, and now the duo might be in trouble for stealing it from someone else.

According to TMZ, Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, a group known as Drum’n Skillz, is
accusing Drake and Chris of infringing on a song called “I Love Your Dress.” Cooper and Valentine insist that Breezy and Drizzy stole portions of their song.

“l Love Your Dress” was released three years prior to “No Guidance.” TMZ said, “Cooper and Valentine claim an analysis of the beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure demonstrates that ‘No Guidance’ was copied or, at the very least, principally derived from ‘I Love Your Dress.'”

It is not known how much Cooper and Valentine are looking for as far as damages.

Many who have listened to the song say the only similarity is the artists saying “you got it” over and over in the track.

There’s nothing else. Listen below and see what you think.

Source: TMZ