The Most Googled Artists of 2022


A celebrity news site called CelebTattler calculated the most Googled artists of 2022.  Using Google search data, they calculated how often these artists were being searched per month.

Of course, it’s no surprise Taylor Swift came in at #1.

Here are the Top 10:

1.  Taylor Swift 2.1 million

2.  Harry Styles2.099 million

3.  Kanye West2.05 million

4.  Travis Scott1.96 million

5.  Rihanna1.8 million

6.  Billie Eilish1.77 million

7.  Ariana Grande1.7 million

8.  Selena Gomez1.5 million

9.  Justin Bieber1.49 million

10.  Dua Lipa 1.44 million

SOURCE: Uproxx