The Top New Car Features We Struggle With

Samuele Errico Piccarini Myjvrez5glq Unsplash

Technology has made our cars more enjoyable to travel in, however some of the tech options we still have a hard time using. Listed below are the top automotive tech features that we have a hard time using or figuring out.


1.  How to use the cruise control.  It’s been common in cars since the 1960s.

2.  Park assist, where it helps you get into parking spots.

3.  Bluetooth.  So, getting your phone or other gadgets to connect.

4.  Sports mode.  Some cars have it.  You can accelerate faster when it’s on.

5.  Lane assist, where it centers you in your lane.

6.  Brake assist, where it helps you stop faster when needed.

7.  Fog lights.  No one knows where the switch is.

8.  Wireless chargers, where you can just set your phone down and it charges.

9.  Electronic parking brakes.  A lot of new cars have a button instead of a lever.

10.  GPS, because it’s different than the app you’re used to.



Courtesy of SWNS