There’s a Potential Cure for Food Allergies… But It Smells Like Dog Poop?!

Daniel Maas Rr Fwgb6peu UnsplashPhoto by Daniël Maas on Unsplash

If you suffer from food allergies, you’re probably willing to do ANYTHING to be rid of them.  Well, THIS will put that to the test.

Scientists believe they may have discovered a cure for food allergies or at least a significant way to fight against them.  It includes a bacterial compound that helps grow GOOD gut bacteria to restore the gut’s protective barrier.

There’s just one problem:  No one wants to take it.  Why?

Researchers say it smells like a blend of “dog poop and rancid butter” and it tastes just as bad.  And even though it has worked to prevent anaphylactic shock in lab mice, the PEOPLE in the study had trouble swallowing it because of how wretched it is.

Scientists say they’re looking for a way to hide the smell and taste, because they think it could counteract many types of food allergies and inflammatory diseases.