Things We Miss From Being On Lockdown

File Photo: A Child Waves As She Sits In A Vehicle Carrying Residents Evacuated From A Public Housing Building, Following The Outbreak Of The Novel Coronavirus, Outside Hong Mei House, At Cheung Hong Estate In Hong Kong
FILE PHOTO: A child waves as she sits in a vehicle carrying residents evacuated from a public housing building, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, outside Hong Mei House, at Cheung Hong Estate in Hong Kong, China February 11, 2020. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File Photo

Lockdown, a word that has a totally new meaning in our society. After spending the first part of 2020 in the house, here are a few things that we miss from our time at the crib.


The layer of dust that formed on our stack of pants.


Finally cleaning all that stuff lying around the house that we had neglected for years.  Like, our kids.


The sense of achievement that came from finishing the entire season of “Tiger King” in one sitting.


Guilt-free Monday afternoon binge-drinking.


The Lysol buzz we got from spraying down our groceries.


The thrill of heading to work under the cover of night to steal toilet paper.


Courtesy of Wise Brothers Media