This Is the Best Place to Sit in a Movie Theater

Krists Luhaers Atpwnyndjnm UnsplashPhoto by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

Going to the movies is practically an investment these days.  So you want to get the best experience for your money.  That includes finding the best seat… and there’s a system to that.

“Popular Science” magazine figured out the absolute best place to sit in a movie theater.  Not surprisingly, you want to be in the MIDDLE of a row so you’re lined up with the center of the screen.

Not only do you get the best view, but the surround sound system is designed to deliver the perfect balance in the center of the theater.

As for what row to choose … you should sit about two-thirds of the way back.  That’s where audio engineers generally sit to test the sound system.

If those rows are taken, you should sit CLOSER to the screen, rather than farther back, because it utilizes your peripheral vision better.

SOURCE: Mental Floss