Three Things We Do At The Drive Thru


A Mcdonald's Restaurant's Drive Thru Sign Is Pictured In Los Angeles

With the pandemic we have found ourselves using the drive thru now more than ever. And if your like me you have done one of these three things before you drive off.

1. Reciting your order from memory. When it’s a place you go to a lot, you don’t need the menu. You’ve got your regular order locked and loaded.

2. Checking the bag. They usually get it right, but one time they didn’t. So now you have to check every single time. Some people even go the extra mile and check their receipt to make sure they weren’t overcharged.

3. Trying the fries immediately. Fresh fries are too tempting. So your hand is probably in the bag before you’re even out of the parking lot.


Courtesy of The Takeout