TikTok Hack: Want a Better Tan? Pour Beer All Over Yourself?

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Imagine doing this and getting pulled over on your drive home.  “I swear, officer . . . I haven’t been drinking.”  The newest dumb life hack from TikTok is to pour BEER all over yourself to get a better tan.

Some influencer posted a video by a pool, where she pours beer on her legs and rubs it in like lotion.  It’s supposed to give you a deeper, darker tan.  And there actually is some half-baked science behind it.

The hops in beer can supposedly promote the production of melanin, the stuff that gives our skin its pigment.  In general, the more you have, the darker your skin is.

It’s not a totally new idea either.  I found a blog post from five years ago where someone claimed it works.  But skincare experts are warning people NOT to do it.  They say you’ll probably just end up with a wicked burn.

Even if you apply sunblock first, the beer could wash it away.  Burns can happen in 10 minutes, and 95% of melanomas are caused by too much U.V. exposure.

The fact that beer is sticky is another downside.  You’ll be a magnet for bugs, including bees and mosquitoes.  One expert who heard about the hack put it like this.  Quote, “I can barely believe this insanity exists.”

SOURCES: NY Post / Daily Star