Timbaland Compares The Weeknd’s “DAWN FM” to a Certain Legend’s Album and Fans Weren’t Happy

Social media didn't like Timbaland's stance.


The Weeknd‘s new album Dawn FM is getting plenty of positive press, but some people want Timbaland to slow his role.


In the viral video, Timbaland compared Dawn FM to Michael Jackson‘s iconic Thriller album. Timbaland said, “This album different y’all. This s**t right here on some Thriller s**t. Trust me when I tell you and the way he dropped this s**t — yo! Congrats. This s**t is amazing.”

The Twitter gang came for Tim. One person wrote, “I just know I didn’t see Timbaland calling Dawn FM this era’s Thriller? We losing too many of the old heads to drugs and mental illness.”

Another person tweeted, “Is it very great though??? I mean Thriller is the BEST SELLING ALBUM IN MUSIC HISTORY!!! Please let’s stop disrespecting Mike! Timbaland u def outta pocket.”

What do you think?

SOURCE: The Source