Tipping During The Holidays

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Holiday Tipping 2022: Your Guide to Who, When and, of Course, How Much
How to handle this long-standing tradition with grace–and without stress

Those who help care for your home

–From the cost of one service to two weeks’ worth of service, depending on how frequently they come and how long they’ve worked for you. “And if they came all through the pandemic in hazmat suits and breathing apparatus, you’re gonna tip more,” says Jodi R.R. Smith, founder of Boston-based Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

Landscaper or gardener
–$25 to $50 per worker or the cost of one service

Snow removal
–The cost of one service

Pool cleaner
–$10 to $30 or the cost of one service

Those who help care for your kids and pets

–The cost of one service. “Maybe a bit more if they’re there often, or if they sometimes stay a little bit longer because you have some sort of emergency at work,” says Swann. You can also include a small gift from your children, like a gift card or tickets to a show.

–The cost of one week’s worth of service. If they’re a live-in nanny or they’re at your home every day, you might want to extend it to two weeks’ worth–or more. “If you’re in a place like Manhattan, it’s very competitive,” says Napier-Fitzpatrick. “So, depending on how much you want to keep them, you might give them a month’s pay.” Like with your babysitter, you can also include a small gift from your child.

School teachers and coaches
–Teachers and coaches aren’t employed by you, so you shouldn’t be tipping them directly. Plus, you don’t want to give the impression that you’re trying to earn your child preferential treatment. A good alternative is a group gift–all the kids’ families can group together and give according to their means, with the included card being signed by everyone. Since most teachers need to buy their own supplies, Swann says, gift cards to Michael’s or Staples are always appreciated.

Private instructors
–It depends. If the instructor is running their own small business, a small non-monetary gift will do. If it’s a college student working for a larger music or sports academy, give them a monetary tip up to the cost of one service. “I’m also going to tip based on how difficult my child is,” says Smith. “If my child is tone deaf and we’re still forcing this poor child to take piano lessons, I might tip them a little bit more for their trouble.”

Pet groomer
–The cost of one service

Dog walker
–$25 to $50 or the cost of one service

Those who help care for you
Barber or hairdresser
–The cost of one service–maybe more if you see them often, or if they’ve gone above and beyond. “Your hairdresser might fit you in in a pinch, or maybe they added an extra service on and didn’t charge you,” says Swann. “Tip accordingly.”

Nail salon
–The cost of one service

Personal trainer
–The cost of one service

Massage therapist
–The cost of one service

The staff of your apartment building
Building superintendent
–$25 to $150, depending on how nice your building is and how long you’ve lived there. “You’re going to be tipping more if you’re in a luxury building,” says Smith. “But also factor in whether they do things for you like open up your apartment to bring packages inside when you’re gone.”

–$25 to $150 per worker. “And don’t forget the poor person who’s there at midnight,” adds Napier-Fitzpatrick.

Building handyperson
–$25 to $50 per worker

Elevator operator
–$25 to $50 per worker

Garage assistant
–$25 to $75 per worker, depending on how often you use your car and how expensive it is. “If you have a really fantastical car that needs extra care, then you should be tipping more,” says Smith.

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