Top 10 Things We Pretend To Hate

Ryan Snaadt Lzbdkraede Unsplash 1

When it comes to the things we dislike or hate do we know the real reason why we don’t like something? Like Pumpkin Spice Late, is it really that bad? Or Taylor Swift, is she really that bad of an artist? I think people hate popular things because it is the cool thing to do. Our friends at reddit compiled a list of things that people pretend to hate. Check out the list below. Let us know if we missed anything.

1. Pumpkin spice

2. Fanatics . . . like the fan bases of Taylor Swift, BTS, and Marvel

3. Nickelback. Or Creed. Or “Hagar-era Van Halen.”

4. The word “moist”

5. Emojis

6. The American versions of international cuisines . . . like tacos, pizza, and Chinese food. Just because it’s not “authentic” and “traditional.”

7. Apple . . . or Google

8. Pineapple on pizza

9. Air fryers (???)

10. “The drama.”