Top 5 Behaviors To Avoid At The Office

Passive aggressive is down right annoying and childish. According to one study these are the top five passive aggressive behaviors found in the office.

1.  Gossiping, or talking behind someone’s back.  54% of people said it’s something they see a lot.

2.  Complaints and resentment.  Like if your coworker was a jerk last week.  So you complain to your boss about something unrelated, like their messy desk.

3.  Giving people the silent treatment.  Disengaging instead of confronting them about stuff.

4.  Being sarcastic in a mean way.  Like, “Oh, yeah . . . I think that’s a BRILLIANT plan.”

5.  Being dishonest.  Just lying about people you don’t like.

Courtesy of (SWNS)