Top Signs Your Boss Is A Jerk

Signs Your Boss Is A Jerk

Ever had a supervisor or boss that just outright sucked? I mean just made you want to max out all your sick days. If you have, I am willing to bet they have done one of these 10 things if not all of them. For my bosses/managers out there, please read this list carefully, if you find that you have done any of these you may want change your behavior before you find yourself short staffed indefinitely.

1. They don’t listen to you.

2. They’re unapproachable.

3. Playing favorites, or treating certain employees differently.

4. They yell at people.

5. They set unrealistic goals.

6. They blame other people when things go wrong.

7. They don’t lead by example or have the same standards for themselves.

8. They’re not organized.

9. They don’t encourage people.

10. They’re selfish, or take credit for your work.

Courtesy of SWNS