True Crime Fan? Now You Can Be a Detective Without Being a Cop First

David Von Diemar Jm6y2nhsatk Unsplash

Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

All you true crime fans might want to think about relocating to Tucson, Arizona.  Because this job’s for you . . .

If you’ve ever wanted to be a detective but NOT A COP, now’s your chance.  The Tucson Police Department is creating a new position that’s exactly that.

The job title is “Professional Staff Investigator.”  You basically get to be a detective without the normal requirement of three years as a cop first.

It does require some training:  You’d go through seven weeks at a police academy, and then three months of field training.  You also need at least an associate’s degree, and two years of experience in a related field.

The examples they give for that include public safety, loss prevention, crime scene management, and forensics.

After the training, you’d get to do most of the stuff real detectives do, like visit crime scenes . . . collect evidence . . . interview suspects . . . and bust bad-guys.

You just wouldn’t get a gun, and couldn’t be the first person on scene.  You also wouldn’t be able to make arrests.  Technically, you’re still a civilian.

If you’re up for it, it pays between $22 and $33 an hour.  And they’re not just hiring one person.  They’re looking to hire 20.

They say they’re doing it because the general public already helps with investigations just through deep dives on Google.  So they want to, quote, “get to that untapped potential.”

You can apply online.  The cut-off date is July 24th.

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash