No Cookie For You

File Photo: Mcdonald's Corp. Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings
FILE PHOTO: The logo for McDonald's restaurant is seen as McDonald's Corp. reports fourth quarter earnings, in Arlington, Virginia, U.S., January 27, 2022. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo/File Photo/File Photo

A woman in Florida is in jail facing some serious charges because she pulled a gun on McDonald’s employees. According to police, Amari Hendricks was in the drive-thru of an Altamonte Springs McDonald’s when she got into an altercation with an employee about her right to a complimentary cookie. After a brief argument a staffer gave Amari the sweet in attempt to ease tensions and send Hendricks on her way. Unfortunately that did little to end the argument. Police said she then pulled out a gun and pointed it at a drive-thru worker. The workers ran an attempted to lock the doors of the restaurant but Amari was able to get in and continue to get into a fight with employees.  Police were called and she was arrested. One question, why would you risk your freedom over a cookie? A McDonald’s cookie at that. Now you get to jail and fight over stale Oreo’s for the foreseeable future.