Walker Hayes’ Comes Through On His Promise To His Kids From The Worst Times

Christmas wishes do come true!


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Walker Hayes is a man of his word. With “Fancy Like” becoming a viral hit and a radio smash, the country singer made good on a promise he made to his kids six years ago.

“It’s funny what kids remember,” he shared to Taste of Country.

In 2014, Hayes was between record deals with nothing happening for him professionally. If you know his story, this is around the time he was working early morning shifts at Costco to pay the bills and driving a car without enough seats to fit each child. At the time those kids still had big Christmas dreams.

“They wanted Christmas blowups and I’m like, ‘Kids, I’m sorry. Maybe some lights but we ain’t getting blowups,” he shared recently ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards.

“I said, just on a whim, ‘If Dad ever has a No. 1 song …’ — of course, it’s one of those promises where it’s like, ain’t never gonna happen, but it’ll get them off my back tonight.”

As of this lately “Fancy Like” is a No. 1 song, his first after 17 years (and, per Instagram, “7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 gerbils, 3 record labels, 4 publishing deals, 3 managers, 1,000 heartbreaks”).

So recently they all went to Lowe’s and you guessed it. Got the big Christmas blow ups! He shared pics on IG.

Way to go Walker!