Walmart May Get Rid Of This In All Stores

Marques Thomas Querysprout Com Jmw Sp 1nc Unsplash

Walmart may get rid of plastic bags in all of its stores.

The chain is currently testing out using alternatives to single-use plastics in their curbside pickup and home delivery services. A spokesperson for Walmart tells CNBC that they are “scouring” for areas where plastics can be eliminated while still being able to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, but that these changes can take time.

Walmart is currently using tote bags at one New York store for their In-Home Delivery Service, which can be washed and reused, unlike the disposable bags that were previously used.

Of course this doesn’t mean the trend WILL extend to all of Walmart’s stores, or that they will eliminate plastic bags completely from all of their stores or services…but it’s possible.