WATCH: Dua Lipa Turns Down Proposal During ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour Stop

@duafver Dua Lipa reacts to a “Marry Me Dula Peep” t-shirt. Comment for credits. @dualipaofficial #dualipa #fyp #parati #futurenostalgia #futurenostalgiatour #dulapeep #goodinbed #viral #youridol #dua #lipa ♬ DESPECHÁ – ROSALÍA

Dua Lipa turned down a marriage proposal during a recent stop on the Future Nostalgia tour.

A TikTok video uploaded by the @dulapeepguy account shows the singer peering into the audience when she noticed a man wearing a shirt that said, “Will you marry me, Dula Peep?

Lipa said, “Unfortunately I can’t marry you, But I can dedicate this song to you if you like.” She then playfully dedicated the song, “Good In Bed” to her suitor. Watch above!