What is the Most Annoying Thing Your Pet Does?

Mikhail Vasilyev Nodtncsldte UnsplashPhoto by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

We talk a lot about how much we LOVE our pets.  But I guess someone wanted to take ’em down a peg…  A new survey of 1,000 pet owners looked at the most ANNOYING things our pets do.

Here are the Top 10 Things that got the most votes…

1.  Puking on the carpet.

2.  Waiting by the door, but then you open it and they WON’T go out.

3.  Shedding.

4.  Waking you up in the middle of the night, or before your alarm.

5.  Begging for food.

6.  Making strange sounds in their sleep.

7.  Your dog refusing to go outside to pee in bad weather.

8.  Your cat walking across your laptop when you’re trying to work.

9.  Knocking stuff off shelves.

10.  Bringing live animals into the house.

A few more that made the Top 20 include stealing food, too much barking or yowling, tracking dirt or mud into the house, and chewing on stuff they shouldn’t instead of the MANY toys you’ve bought for them.