What To Do If Your Date Stands You Up

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So you’ve been stood up….What next? Dating these days is tough, what is even tougher is when your date flakes on you and has you all dressed up and no where to go. Listed below are some steps on what to do when the unfortunate happens and your dinner plans for two get cut in half.


  1. Wait 15 minutes and give them a courtesy call. Your date me be driving to your location and may be unable to reply to your text. Call them and see how and if they respond.
  2. After 15 minutes, chalk it up as a loss and leave. It sucks when you have plans with someone and they fall through. My advice, leave and go to do something fun or go to a different bar/restaurant
  3. Don’t get in your feelings. Yes it is no fun to be stood up, but remember this isn’t a reflection on you. Some people can be jerks and it is not your fault that some people don’t have common courtesy to at least give you a call and give you a formal explanation.
  4. Remember that it isn’t the end of the world.

Courtesy of Elite Daily