What was the #1 Song on January 13th, 1992?

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday

The #1 Song on January 13th, 1992 was “Black or White” by Michael Jackson.

The song was the first single from Michael Jackson’s eighth studio album, Dangerous. The song went to #1 in just three weeks, making it the one of the fastest chart toppers.

The lyrics to the song are a plea for racial intolerance but it was the video that ended up being labeled Michael’s most controversial because of the imagery used in it.

The success of this song also solidified Michael’s reputation as “The King of Pop“. MTV actually sent out a memo instructing all personnel to use that moniker at least twice a week up until the premiere. Epic Records thought the “royal status” would hurt Michael in the long run but in the contrary the video was the most requested clip on MTV and the single reigned at #1 for seven straight weeks.

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