What’s Proper Airplane Etiquette?

Kenny Eliason N Yceul10i0 UnsplashPhoto by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Here’s some good info now that we’re traveling again…

A new poll on travel etiquette asked people what is and ISN’T okay behavior on an airplane.

Here are a few questions they asked, and how people answered …

1.  Is it okay to bring your own food on a flight?  94% said yes, even if it’s smelly.

2.  Is it okay to take your shoes AND socks off?  90% said NO.  So we’ll deal with smelly food, but not smelly feet.

3.  Is it socially acceptable to wear pajamas on a plane?  59% said yes.

4.  On long flights, is it okay to recline your seat?  Most people say yes, but it depends.  38% said go for it … another 52% said only if you ask first… and 11% said no, never.  If it’s a shorter flight, 15% said you shouldn’t recline.

5.  If you’re next to someone and there’s an empty seat in your row, should you move over?  Only 56% said yes.

6.  Who gets the two middle armrests?  34% said the person in the middle seat should get both.

7.  Is it okay to ask someone to swap seats with you?  78% said yes.  But that doesn’t mean they have to.

8.  Is it okay to strike up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to you?  65% said yes, and 35% said no. Just don’t expect them to talk to you the entire flight.  And if they start reading or put headphones in, that’s your cue to shut up.

SOURCE: PaysBig.com