What’s the “Best Way” to FLIRT?

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Ok… So here’s something to help your dating life… and that’s whether you want something serious, or just a fling – A new study looked at the best ways to FLIRT.

Researchers showed 1,000 college students a list of 40 different ways to flirt, and asked which ones they think are most effective.

The answer…It depends on 2 things:  What are you looking for and are you flirting with a man or a woman?

According to the study, if you’re trying to attract a woman, the best thing you can do is make her LAUGH.  Women ranked it #1 whether the person hitting on them is looking for something serious or just a one-night stand.

Humor is also the way to go if you’re trying to attract a serious boyfriend.  However… if you just want a fling … the best strategy is to be upfront and TELL HIM that’s what you want.

Here are the Top 3 Flirting Techniques for Men and Women depending on what you’re looking for…

If you’re looking for a girlfriend: 

Make her laugh, spend time with her, and be interested in what she says.

Or… if you just want to hook up:  Make her laugh, smile a lot, and be upfront about it.

If you want a boyfriend: 

Make him laugh, be interested in what he says, and spend time with him.

Or… if you just want to fool around:  Tell him so, KISS him, and, get physically close to him.

Do you agree with this study?

UPDATE 05/10/2022:

I had Chattanooga-based Dating Expert Brock Olsen on to discuss just this and more about flirting techniques.

Listen to the discussion by clicking below!

SOURCE: Phys.org