What’s the Most “Craveable” Fast-Food Burger?

Mafe Estudio Lv2p9utbkbw UnsplashPhoto by mafe estudio on Unsplash

A study ranked fast-food burgers, and apparently White Castle might not have the BEST burgers in the world, but maybe the most “crave-able.”

A company that tracks consumer habits went through their stats to find the most crave-able fast-food burgers.

Here are the Top 10…

1.  White Castle.  NOTE: They’re steamed, not grilled.

2.  Krystal.  NOTE: They serve mini burgers too.  

3.  Burger King.  

4.  Whataburger.

5.  Smashburger.

6.  In-N-Out.

7.  Carl’s Jr.

8.  Red Robin.

9.  Shake Shack.

10.  Five Guys. 

Believe it or not… McDonald’s did NOT make the Top 10.

What restaurant do you believe has the most CRAVE-ABLE fast food burger?

SOURCE: Technomic