Why Is the FBI Recruiting Swifties to Help Fight Terrorism and Organized Crime?!

The FBI Tweeted out a plea to the public to help them out by reporting federal crimes.  But for some reason, it seems “tailored” … you should see what I did there… to appeal to SWIFTIES.

It’s a graphic with a pink background and the words “Speak Now“, which is the name of the re-recorded album Taylor just released.  Then it says, “Do you have a tip about a federal crime?

Under that, there are several crimes, numbered as if they’re songs on an album.  There are nine of them, including “terrorism“, “weapons of mass destruction“, and “organized crime“.

After each crime, it says “(FBI’s Version)” in parentheses, just like on those re-recorded “Taylor’s Version” albums.

Also, the caption says, quote, “Justice is better than revenge.  You may not be Superman, but you can help the FBI protect the country.  If you have information about a federal crime, speak now.”

“Speak Now”“Better than Revenge”, and “Superman” are all songs on the album.

SOURCE: Billboard