Woman Mistakenly Sends Clip Of Herself Mocking Job Interview To Prospective Employer

@chayjordan_ def not getting the job. sorry skywest #hireme #flightattendant #skywestairlines @SkyWest Airlines ♬ original sound – chayjordan_

Finding a job can be stressful, and making a mistake in the process can make things even worse.

TikTok user @chayjordan posted a video that shows her making fun of the questions asked during an interview with SkyWest Airlines.

She explains that as part of her application, she had to record herself giving an answer to “the stupidest, cheesiest question I’ve ever heard in my life.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize she was already filming when she complained to a friend about the video interview and in the recording she sent to SkyWest, she can be heard openly mocking the interview question to a friend over the phone.

In the video she realizes what she’s done, and then initially tries to give an explanation before murmuring “sorry.”

Many commiserated with her in the comments, but a SkyWest employee also commented, saying, “I work for SkyWest and this made its way to the SkyWest Facebook page, and let me just tell you every comment is all of us saying ‘PLEASE hire her’ lmfao.”

SOURCE: Mirror