Woman Seen in ‘Random Act of Kindness’ TikTok Video Isn’t Happy About It

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A TikTok video went viral that showed a “random act of kindness” by a creator on the platform, but the woman featured in it isn’t happy about it, saying she feels exploited.

Harrison Pawluk uploaded the video last month, which shows him approaching an older woman sitting in a mall food court and asking her to hold a bouquet of flowers while he puts on his jacket. But after putting on the jacket, he says, “Have a lovely day,” and walks away, leaving the woman holding the flowers.

She doesn’t seem too happy and puts the bouquet on the table. He captioned it, “I hope this made her day better.” But the woman, identified only as Maree from Melbourne, Australia, told ABC Australia, “He interrupted my quiet time, filmed and uploaded a video without my consent, turning it into something it wasn’t, and I feel like he is making quite a lot of money through it.

She was also upset about it being framed as her being a sad old woman in a “heartbreaking” story, saying she felt “dehumanized” and “like clickbait.”

Pawluk’s spokesperson says he was inspired to start doing kind acts after seeing homelessness in Los Angeles, stating, “While cynics may claim it’s for views, Harrison simply has a personal commitment to helping people feel more connected and trusting.” The rep also said Pawluk would be happy to remove the video if he gets an emailed request.

SOURCE: Newser
Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash