Working out after turning up


It is the morning after a long night of drinking and now you are trying to decide if it is a good idea to hit the gym and sweat out some of those “toxins”. Sure you have heard that one way to cure a hangover is to hit the gym and get all of those impurities out of your system, but is it really a good idea though? The answer to that question is no and here is why.



Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes you to loose more water than you take in (i.e sweating and urinating) which will lead to dehydration. If you do not hydrate properly after a night out, going to the gym will only increase your dehydration and can actually make your hangover symptoms worse.


When you are hungover your coordination may not be the best which means you could seriously hurt yourself while trying to workout. Attempting a difficult lift or running at a rapid pace would become increasingly difficult and could lead to a terrible injury.

Brain Fog

Let’s face it, after a night of drinking paying attention and focusing can be pretty hard with a headache and all the other ill effects of a hangover. You could potentially hurt yourself or others while working out simply because you can’t pay attention or focus on what you are doing.

Discomfort and Stress

Working out stresses out the body. Drinking in excess stresses out the body. Attempting to workout while hungover will only tax  the body even more and likely lead to you feeling even worse. Take the time out to recover and rehydrate.


Source: Very Well Fit