You Can Get Free Fries at Burger King Every Week for the Rest of the Year

Ismail Hadine Rsnbv Pichc UnsplashPhoto by Ismail Hadine on Unsplash

Burger King has been trying to get people to sign up for their free rewards club and drive business to their app… So now they’re taking the FREE FOOD route to make it happen.

They’re running a deal where you can get FREE FRIES with any order, once a week for the rest of the YEAR.  And you can choose small, medium, OR large.  You just have to download their app and sign up for their “Frequent FRY’ER” program by June 20th.

You can’t use other coupons, and it’s not available for delivery…but it apparently works with any purchase.  So you could even buy one fry, and get a second fry for free!