You Will Need Over $25,000 For This Pet

Andrew S Ouo1hbizwwo Unsplash

Today, Saturday October 29th is National Cat Day! Owning a cat can be fun but expensive, according to one study, over the life of your kitty you can expect to shell out $25,304! So if you have pet you are looking to spend about $2,291 a year on your feline. Listed below are the top things you will be spending money on for your cat according to SWNS.

1. Clothing. Like when they snag it with their claws.

2. Rugs and carpets. Mostly from scratching, or puking.

3. Your sofa.

4. Drinking glasses, by knocking them off tables.

5. Chairs.

6. Table legs.

7. Power cables.

8. Drapes.

9. Your phone, by knocking it off stuff.

10. Hardwood floors.

Courtesy of SWNS